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BELUGA Group: EGM approves interim dividends

21 OCTOBER 2020

BELUGA Group (MOEX: BELU) reports the results of the EGM. At the EGM, held on 16 October 2020, BELUGA Group shareholders approved the payment of interim dividends for 1H2020 in the amount of RUB19 per share.


BELUGA Group: Dividend update

30 APRIL 2020

BELUGA Group (MOEX: BELU) released the recommendation of the board of directors to AGM to approve dividends for 2019.


BELUGA Group: 9M2020 operating results

9 OCTOBER 2020

BELUGA Group (MOEX: BELU) reports strong operating results for 9M20. Sales volumes increased by 11.4% YoY in 9M20 to 11.6mn 9L cases. The company’s own brands sales grew by 8.1% YoY to 10.1mn 9L cases and sales of imported brands increased by 41.8% YoY to 1.5mn 9L cases.


BELUGA Group: Taste in Good spirits

16 APRIL 2020

We initiate coverage of Beluga Group (MOEX: BEGU), the leading Russian alcohol producer and important global market player. Beluga Group is the number one Spirits producer in Russia and ranks as a top-four vodka producer globally. It manages a portfolio of own and imported alcohol brands.


BELUGA Group: 1H2020 results review

29 AUGUST 2020

BELUGA Group (MOEX: BELU) reports strong 1H20 financial results. Revenue increased 23% YoY in 1H20 to RUB26,283mn on the back of sales growing 15% YoY to 7.173 million 9L cases. Operating income rose 25% YoY to RUB2,167mn and EBITDA reached RUB3,325mn, up 23% YoY in 1H20. The company reported net profit of RUB460mn, up 2% YoY in 1H20, and earnings per share of RUB35.76, up 22% YoY.


BELUGA Group: Вкус к хорошим напиткам

16 APRIL 2020

Мы начинаем покрытие Beluga Group (MOEX: BEGU), лидирующего российского производителя и важного игрока мирового рынка алкогольных напитков.

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