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We provide investment research under subscription, customized research, and business analytics mandates. Our primary markets are Emerging and Frontier markets and benchmarked companies from Developed markets. We provide expertize in a number of sectors including Materials, Resources, Infrastructure and some others.

We focus on a Client's needs and on particular factors important for a Client.

The investment research we offer is based on our independent view on a variety of equity securities and fixed income instruments in different markets.

Our primary expertise is Emerging Markets, however we follow a number of benchmark companies in the USA, the UK and the EU. Sector wise our expertise includes Materials, Oil&Gas, Infrastructure and others.


We provide research to investment management firms under subscription including particular companies and sectors. We also offer customized research based on a client's portfolio. In particular, in Emerging Markets, we may cover companies with no coverage by any other analysts.

We distribute our research regularly to our client base. The coverage of a stock includes one initiation type report and several updates based on published results and filings. We maintain our right to give or not to give any recommendations on a particular stock. 




Fee based research, where the commission for analytical coverage is paid for by a public company and free for investors, has become recommended practice in equity markets in the EU and other regions of the world.


We welcome companies regardless of size and the markets they trade.


Consistent and comprehensive coverage in line with the best industry standards will make the company more transparent for investors and as part of our service we can advise on the optimization of a target investor distribution list.



We provide a customised approach to help buy-side clients increase their flexibility time wise and task wise.



We can offer outsourcing of some time consuming analytical processes which would allow our clients to be more flexible and focus more exclusively on the decision making process, including:


  • An independent view on particular stocks as requested by institutional clients

  • Financial modelling for buy-side research

  • Customised industry or company report for non-public distribution

  • Analytical support of Private Equity and Venture Capital companies with more extended investment horizons, including modeling, regular updates, advisory on investment portfolio



We can provide outsourcing services for sell side institutions and consulting companies becoming part of their processes and helping in the execution of non compete projects.


This outsourcing might include:

  • The preparation of parts of reports

  • Financial modelling

  • Other related analytical support and servicesvices

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