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Globaltruck (MOEX: GTRK) releases operating and financial results for 1H20. The company operated 1,305 trucks on average in 1H20, compared to 1,360 trucks in 1H19, having postponed the purchase of 40 trucks until the second half of the year. The fleet accounted for 1,319 trucks as of June 30, 2020, with an average age of three years. The loaded run ratio increased from 92.3% in 1H19 to 92.2% in 1H20.

Company update, 2 September 2020

Globaltruck: 1H2020 results review

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Globaltruck (MOEX: GTRK) releases operating and financial results for 1Q2020. The company’s performance in 1Q20 was above expectations given the deteriorating economic environment.

Company update, 18 June 2020

Globaltruck: 1Q2020 results review


Globaltruck (MOEX: GTRK) reports FY2019 results. The company increased its revenue by 16% YoY to RUB9,540 mn in FY19. By segment, revenue from transportation services rose 15% YoY to RUB8,514mn, while expedition services or freight forwarding revenue was up 30% YoY to RUB1,010mn. Some 90.3% of the revenue was received domestically, generating revenue growth of 17% YoY in the year.

Company update, 30 April 2020

Globaltruck: FY2019 results review


Globaltruck (MOEX: GTRK) reports on the progress of its buyback program. The company has disclosed that its 100% subsidiary Globaltruck Logistics purchased 194,250 of its common shares between 12 November and 29 November 2019.

Company update, 3 January 2020

Globaltruck: buyback program update


Globaltruck (MOEX: GTRK) announces share buyback program. The group will buy up to 5% of the shares of Globaltruck Management. The total number of shares issued is 58,462,120, therefore 5% represents 2,923,106 shares. The price of the buyback will not exceed RUB132 per share - the price set during the group’s IPO.

Company update, 15 November 2019

Globaltruck: share buyback program launch


Мы начинаем аналитическое покрытие российской транспортной компании Глобалтрак Менеджмент (MOEX: GTRK). Глобалтрак предоставляет услуги грузовых автоперевозок по маршрутам в России и за рубежом. Парк компании состоит из 1,359 тягачей и 1,502 полуприцепов. Средний возраст парка составляет 2.7 лет.

Начало аналитического покрытия, 1 октября 2019г.

Глобалтрак:Надежное решение для дорог


We initiate coverage of Russian transportation company Globaltruck (MOEX: GTRK). The company is engaged in road cargo transportation in Russia and Europe. Its fleet consists of 1,359 trucks and 1,502 trailers. The average age of the fleet is 2.7 years. The company provides services to blue chip Russian and international retailers, consumer companies, industrial holdings, and e-commerce and logistics operators.

Initiation of coverage, 1 October 2019

Globaltruck: Reliable road solutions


We terminate the coverage of United Wagon Company with immediate effect. Going forward, investors should not make investment decisions based on our previously published estimates, indicative fair price range or financial forecasts.

Termination of coverage, 10 July 2019

United Wagon Company: Termination of coverage


United Wagon Company has announced the restructuring of several loans by Otkritie Bank. The restructuring involves changing credit terms for loans to RPC UWC, TD UWC, TWSZ, Tyazhmash plant, TSZ Titran- Express, which amount to RUB39bn as of 28 February 2019.

Corporate update

United Wagon Company: Debt restructuring


United Wagon Company shareholders have elected a new board of directors. The EGM held on 11 March 2019 elected a new board of directors comprising seven members. The board comprises four representatives of Bank Otkritie.

Corporate update

United Wagon Company: New Board Election


United Wagon Company reports strong 4Q18 operating figures, beating expectations. UWC increased its total railcar production by 5% YoY to 5,682 cars in 4Q18. This led to a FY18 production figure of 19,668 railcars, up 3% YoY. We had expected 5,025 cars in 4Q18 and 19,011 cars in FY2018.

Operating update

United Wagon Company: 4Q18 operating results review


United Wagon Company reports 3Q18 operating results in line with expectations. The company produced 5,025 railcars in 3Q18, up 14.6% YoY. The product mix change in favor of higher value-added railcars, including 88% growth in hopper output from 682 in 3Q17 to 1,281 in 3Q18 and 141% growth in tank car output to 246 cars. Overall output was 5% above the second-quarter level.

Operating update

United Wagon Company: 3Q18 operating results review


We initiate coverage of United Wagon Company (UWC), a Russian producer of the modern rolling stock. The combination of new capacities and innovative products make the company a leader in the railcar market in Russia.

Initiation of coverage

United Wagon Company: Rolling through the cycle  

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