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Financials sector becomes more diversified every year. Banks and financial service companies implement new technologies to cut costs and win a more competitive position in the universe. Distributed ledger technology is spreading quickly in the financial sector, demonstrating fast adoption to changes.


Materials sector represent an interesting option for investors to be exposed to companies with diversified business models from Mining to Specialty materials. The sector is changing rapidly, driven by economic growth and new technologies' implementations like lithium batteries for electric cars.  


The fertiliser universe is a traditional sector for investors to get exposure to the global population growth, improving living standards, and industry's capacity and production expansion. The global leaders in the sector are PotashCorp and Agrium (Nutrien post-merger), Mosaic, СА Industries, Yara International, PhosAgro, EuroChem, K+S and others. 

Russia: Screening the investable landscape

July 04, 2016

Russia’s economy adapts to the new reality of a lower oil price and sanctions, according to policymakers. There are no grounds to believe that sanctions will be lifted anytime soon or indeed that commodity prices will move higher, but the official view highlights a relatively stable economic environment in which to work in and to take advantage of the opportunities available. 

First reaction on Brexit – brief analysis

June 29, 2016

The majority of voters in UK decided that UK should not be a member of the European Union. The ‘Leave’ vote will have a negative impact on UK growth and potentially on other EU countries. 

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